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Stud Service

We offer stud service under contract to serious and like minded breeders. Contract is available upon request and may vary slightly by stud dog.

We offer stud service under contract under the following terms--
Stud contracts can be sent upon request and vary depending on the male in question.

  • Stud service is available to AKC bitches only. The exception is we can ship sperm internationally under certain terms and conditions to bitches registered with AKC recognized registries as well to like minded preservation breeders.

  • Stud service price varies from $1500-$3500 depending on the stud, his record as a stud dog, his accomplishments and if any additional testing has been done on the given stud beyond the basics.

  • Bitch must be fully health tested and the results must be registered with OFA. She must have a CHIC number. We don't require that she pass everything perfectly but believe strongly in information for the future of the breed.

  • Bitch must be tested clear for brucellosis within 2 weeks of being sent to our property.

  • Bitch must have a negative/clear fecal including coccidia/giardia (via antigen) within 2 weeks of being sent to our property.

  • It is strongly recommended that you do an Embark DNA panel on your bitch to screen for over 200 genetic diseases as well as  having a current regular blood panel at 1+ years of age.

  • Bitch owner must be willing to do OFA testing and submission on puppies kept as a result of the mating before they are used for breeding.

  • Puppies resulting from matings to our studs that are not retained by the bitch owner should be placed in companion homes under limited AKC registration unless the dog is over 1 year of age and fully health tested/results registered with OFA. Intact placements at ANY AGE must be cleared with us as the stud owner.

  • You must be willing to follow the other terms of the contract you sign.  This is "industry standard".

I believe sharing genetics via stud service is important, however I want to do it in a way that moves the chihuahua breed forward.

I don't believe in just "making more puppies". My passion is for the future of the chihuahua breed, and that means careful thoughtful intent and effort should be put into each breeding and that the dogs being bred should be as healthy as possible.


If you simply want to make more puppies (or puppies that are "worth more" because of the pedigree), my stud dogs are not the stud dogs for you.

Readily available information is the future and can save an immense amount of heartache if used appropriately.We don't have a perfect system but it's a start and I believe if we all contribute to that system the breed will land in a better place.

There are plenty of stud dogs out there available to use if you don't want to follow any guidelines or terms, or don't want to health test your bitch. There are plenty of cheaper stud dogs that you can use, too.


My goal is for my studs to contribute to the breed only in a thoughtful and intentional way. They are screened carefully so that we have as much information as possible when they are used for breeding, but this really only 'works' if the bitches they are bred to are also screened and results submitted for public viewing and that later, the same standard is applied to those puppies produced from the mating. 

Without careful intent and higher standards, our breed can't move forward.



Please Note: Not all studs live with us at any given time and availability is not guaranteed. 

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