Health Testing

Prior to becoming part of our breeding program...Knockout Chihuahuas have the following testing done (at a minimum):
-OFA Patella Exam
-OFA Cardiac Exam - either specialist exam or echo-cardiogram
-OFA CAER Eye Exam
-EMBARK DNA Panel screening for over 190 various genetic diseases
-Comprehensive Blood Panel - Chemistry, CBC & Thyroid (T4)

Read more about OFA's recommendations HERE.

Additionally nearly all of our Chihuahuas are tested for:
-OFA Legg Calve Perthes
-OFA Hips or Hip Prelims

We update these tests throughout the lives of our dogs. We submit results to the public database so that they are readily available for anyone looking to learn more about the bloodlines we are working with.

We take the health of our dogs very seriously at Knockout and try our very best to produce the soundest healthiest chihuahuas possible. Health is our first consideration in all breedings that we do combined with temperament and actual physical conformation. Well built dogs live happier more comfortable lives.

In accordance with recommendations of the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals and The American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit program we participate in, all of our breeding dogs are screened and registered with the OFA for cardiac, patella and eyes issues. In addition to the required screenings we also screen all stud dogs for hips and legg calve perthes issues. 

We also do EMBARK DNA testing on all of our breeding dogs. This screens for over 190 various genetic diseases. We believe that health testing is about INFORMATION so that we make the best choices possible in each litter we produce.  Embark DNA is another way for us to get more information about our dogs and an added level of assurance that the parents of our puppies are not carrying hidden genes and if something does show up it allows us to ensure we never accidentally double up on a known issue.

ASK your breeder to see health clearances for dogs if they are not in the database, which is easily searchable. Breeders who care about the breed publish these results.

Whenever possible we utilize the opportunity to have the Advanced Cardiac Clearance done for our dogs which requires an echo-cardiogram. This is a step above the regular required OFA cardiac clearance that is required for the breed. This exam is performed specifically by a board certified cardiologist.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals 

We offer a 2 year health guarantee against life threatening genetic defects for each puppy that we sell. By testing your puppy's parents for known genetic problems that occur in the chihuahua breed, we feel you have a greatly increased chance of a healthy puppy that can live a full normal life. Our puppy contract can be found here for more information on our health guarantee!


Understanding The Health Results On Our Website 

**Each dog's results are listed for you on their individual box under his/her name if they are part of our breeding program. We feel it is very important for you to have access to the health testing results for your puppy's parents!
**A dog gets a CHIC number if they have completed the required health testing for their breed. These tests are performed by veterinarians and veterinary specialists who scan each dog for their microchip to confirm the test is being done on the dog the paperwork states. Read more about CHIC for chihuahuas HERE
**Clicking the link to each dog's 'CHIC' number in their information box will take you to their official OFA results.
**Each dog also has a link to their EMBARK DNA profile. Learn more about the diseases EMBARK screens for HERE.

NOTE: Some dogs may not have completed results posted yet due to age (chihuahuas must be a minimum of one year of age to have their results certified) or not being part of our breeding program yet, but any dog being used for breeding will have completed results available.

Dr. Claire Lodahl is our main veterinarian and does a great job with all of our dogs and puppies! 

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