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Health Testing

We take the health of our dogs very seriously at Knockout and try our very best to produce sound, healthy puppies. In accordance with recommendations of the Chihuahua Club of America and The American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit program we participate in, all of our breeding dogs are screened and registered with the OFFA for healthy hearts, knees and eyes. ASK your breeder to see health clearances for dogs if they are not in the database, which is easily searchable.

We are currently in the process of completing the Advanced Cardiac Clearance for all of our dogs, performed by a board certified cardiologist.

Read the Chihuahua Club of America's statement on Health Testing

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals 

We offer a 2 year health guarantee against life threatening genetic defects for each puppy that we sell. By testing your puppy's parents for known genetic problems that occur in the chihuahua breed, we feel you have a greatly increased chance of a healthy puppy that can live a full normal life. 


Each dog's results are posted on their individual page if they are part of our breeding program. Some dogs may not have completed results posted yet due to age (chihuahuas must be a minimum of one year of age to have their results certified) or not being part of our breeding program yet, but any dog being used for breeding will have completed results on their page.