Please note: At Knockout, we DO NOT ship our chihuahua puppies or adults. Our chihuahuas must be transferred directly from me to you. This means you will need to fly to get your puppy at one of our local airports or meet me at a show I am attending in your area. 

Please note:  Due to the uncertainty surrounding  the COVID19 pandemic, litters will be very limited this year and available puppies will be limited  as a result.

Current Availability:

Nothing at this time. Next possible availability will be late November/early December.

Please fill out our puppy application if you are interested in adding one of our little knockouts to your family, or shoot me an e-mail at with any additional questions.

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?
Average puppy price is $2500-3500. We do the most extensive health and genetic testing possible on our chihuahuas to save you money over the life of your puppy but this is very costly and is reflected in puppy pricing. To learn a little more about what goes into a well bred litter of chihuahua puppies click here.

Available Pet/Companion Puppies

Nothing Available At This Time

Available Adults (Retired)

A Word About Show Prospects...

At this time, we only sell finished AKC champions of record who have completed their health testing. We don't sell or place puppies for show/as show potential.

Due to the unique challenges of the chihuahua breed, we find this to be the best way to preserve and protect the bloodlines we are working with.

Please feel free to e-mail me to talk about being placed on a waiting list for a finished Knockout Champion or to discuss potential upcoming availability.

Available Show & Breeding Prospects

Microchips - all of our puppies leave for their new homes microchipped and you are added on as a secondary contact. This allows us to ensure if a puppy ends up in a shelter intentionally, we are able to bring it back home. While in a perfect world we would like to believe all of our puppy owners adhere to our return to breeder contract and view us as a safety net for their dog or puppy should they no longer be able to care for it, we understand this may not be reality. We are committed to never populating shelters or rescues with our puppies, and therefore stay on as a contact for all of our puppy's microchips.

More Important Information...

All puppies will be vet checked & microchipped before going to their new homes...they will come with a puppy pack full of goodies to make their start in their new home as smooth of a transition as possible. 

Your puppy will have had 1-2 sets of shots depending on the age which they leave, we suggest 10, 14 and 18 weeks for the puppy vaccinations.

The earliest we allow our puppies to go to their new homes is 12 weeks and this is a case-by-case basis. If we feel the puppy has any needs that can better be met here due to experience, they will stay until we feel they are ready to go. We take the initiative to start potty training and socializing your puppy FOR you. This also helps us be sure the puppy is eating well, and not having any blood sugar issues that are all too common in toy breed puppies.

Your puppy will be sold on a spay/neuter must have your puppy altered between 8 and 18 months of age and submit a spay/neuter certificate from your vet to me in order to receive it's AKC papers.

Any puppies sold over 8 months of age will be spayed or neutered before they leave.

More Info On Our Puppies Here!

CH Knockout Babe In Toyland

CH Knockout Lucky Charm

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