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Available Pet/Companion Puppies

Please note: At Knockout, we DO NOT ship our chihuahua puppies or adults. Our chihuahuas must be transferred directly from me to you. This means you will need to fly to get your puppy at one of our local airports or meet me at a show I am attending in your area. 

A word about puppy preferences...

Part of the fun of chihuahuas is that they come in a variety of coat colors and lengths. At Knockout, we don't believe the color, markings, coat or sex of a chihuahua puppy have anything to do with what's really important - his/her personality/temperament (and how that fits in with your family's unique needs) along side of overall health and quality. We totally understand that you may have preferences toward a certain coat, color or sex -- however if they are the 'end all, be-all' (for example you will pass over an available puppy because it isn't the color you wanted or it has a marking you don't like but otherwise would be a perfect fit for your family and needs) in choosing a new family member we probably are not the right breeder for you. If the most important thing to you is a happy, healthy new family member that will fit in with your lifestyle and pack and you have some flexibility regarding sex, color or markings or even coat length, then a Knockout Chihuahua just might be right for you! We look to place our precious puppies with families interested in healthy, happy dogs who will love their chihuahua whether they are white, purple or polka-dotted! Chihuahua litters are small - and well bred chihuahuas from health tested parents/lines are few and far between. The more specific preferences you have, the longer you will wait for a puppy from a reputable breeder. We have no control over the coats, sexes or paint jobs on our puppies and we do not breed to produce specific colors or patterns as these things have no bearing on the health, temperament or quality of each puppy.

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?
Companion/pet puppies may be priced anywhere from $2500-4500. We do the most extensive health and genetic testing possible on our chihuahuas to save you money over the life of your puppy but this is very costly and is reflected in puppy pricing. To learn a little more about what goes into a well bred litter of chihuahua puppies click here.

Current Availability (last updated Sept 4th, 2023):

**Super sweet FAWN SMOOTH COAT FEMALE est. adult weight 5.5 lbs. E-mail for photos & videos. Rare opportunity!

Contact us now & fill out our puppy application (below) to be added to the waiting list!




This lets us get to know you as well as what kind of home you'd be for one of our puppies. It also is where you can share any preferences and needs you have in your future companion.

You can also e-mail me with questions at KNOCKOUTCHIS@GMAIL.COM

Available Pets/Companions

Please contact us for future potential availability. None at this time.

Available Adults (Retired)

A Word About Show Prospects...

At this time, we only sell finished AKC champions of record who have completed their health testing. We don't sell or place puppies for show/as show potential.

Due to the unique challenges of the chihuahua breed, we find this to be the best way to preserve and protect the bloodlines we are working with.

Please feel free to e-mail me to talk about being placed on a waiting list for a finished Knockout Champion or to discuss potential upcoming availability.

Available Show & Breeding Prospects

More Important Information...

CH Knockout Babe In Toyland

CH Knockout Lucky Charm

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