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Knockout Chihuahuas has RELOCATED to Charlotte, North Carolina as of October 2023!!!

We are exhibitors and breeders of health tested (CHIC) AKC registered chihuahuas. Our chihuahuas are raised in our home and underfoot, as members of the family. I am an AKC GOLD Breeder of Merit.

The Knockout bloodline is comprised of world class chihuahuas hand selected from the best breeding stock in the country as well as some carefully chosen imported bloodlines. The Knockout foundation began by combining the Dartan line with English and European influences. Our beautiful chihuahuas are nationally and internationally recognized and awarded.

The Knockout kennel has produced multiple All-Breed Best In Show & Best In Specialty winning chihuahuas, and a National Specialty winner along with multiple group winning and group placing chihuahuas!


Our goal in breeding is to produce healthy, sound chihuahuas with superb breed type and phenomenal temperaments - both for companionship and show. Our breeding stock is carefully screened for genetic defects as recommended by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (cardiac, patella & eye--click here to learn more about the health testing Knockout does), but we also do additional testing (hip/legg perthes, routine labwork, Embark DNA testing) to learn about the bloodlines I am working with, in hopes of making the best decisions possible when it comes to the future health of Knockout chihuahuas.

The Knockout program is built on the belief that correct structure is a quintessential part of a chihuahua being able to live a long, happy & healthy life, not just it's success in the show ring. Our preference & true love is the smooth coated chihuahua, although we occasionally do have long coats.

If you would like to get in touch with me to discuss adding one of my chihuahuas to your family or breeding program, I am  available worldwide by e-mail at

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