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Our Studs

Each stud that is part of our program has been selected for his overall virtue, soundness, breed type and temperament. Most importantly, they are carefully selected for the quality of puppies that they produce.


In addition to our outstanding in house studs, we will often use outside studs that individually compliment our girls, or lease in males for a period of time that have something we are seeking to add to our program. This is the best way for us to work on protecting and improving the breed, rather than using an in-house stud out of convenience.

Not all studs live with us at any given time. Stud service offered on a LIMITED basis by private agreement.*

GCH CH Knockout Captain America, ROM


OFA Eyes: CH-EYE152/34M-VPI
OFA Patellas: CH-PA1358/24M/P-VPI
OFA Advanced Cardiac: CH-ACA7/34M-VPI
CHIC #: 105033

2014 Nationals Winner's Dog

2016 CCA Stud Dog Of The Year

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CH Guichon's I Blame Hollywood


OFA Eyes: pending
OFA Patellas: 0/0 normal
OFA Advanced Cardiac: normal
CHIC #: pending exams at 12+ months

Olly was bred by Junko Guichon, 

Guichon Chihuahuas.

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CH Guichon's Knockout Quiet Riot


OFA Eyes: 
OFA Patellas: prelims normal
OFA Advanced Cardiac: prelims normal
CHIC #: 

Bred by Junko Guichon
Finished with 3 five point majors!

photo at 7 months - still a puppy here!


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CH Shorepointe's Red Star Rising, ROM


OFA Eyes: CH-EYE292/56M-PI
OFA Patellas: CH-PA1597/55M/P-PI
OFA Cardiac: CH-CA1015/56M/C-VPI
CHIC #: 119740

2013 CCA Rotating BOV winner!
co-owned with Jennifer Snyder & Jessica Simon

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BISS CH Knockout Fire Shot


OFA Eyes: CH-EYE539/14M-VPI
OFA Patellas: CH-PA1952/14M/P-PI
OFA Advanced Cardiac: CH-ACA78/14M-VPI
CHIC #: 135472

Owned by Kris Bobo Specht,

Kalliope Chihuahuas, co-owned & shown by us.

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CH Bloomsbury Bojangles


OFA Eyes: CH-EYE644/18M-VPI
OFA Patellas: CH-PA2099/12M/P-VPI
OFA Advanced Cardiac: CH-ACA103/18M-VPI
CHIC #: 141421

Bred by Lynn Hurd
Beau finished in 1 weekend!

photo at 9 months - still a puppy here!


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CH Brogansian Bowie


OFA Eyes: CH-EYE270/16M-VPI
OFA Patellas: CH-PA1567/13M/P-VPI
OFA Advanced Cardiac: CH-ACA9/16M-VPI
CHIC #: 117630

Imported from the UK

co-owned with Cara Ryckman, Terlingua Chihuahuas

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*Some Notes About Stud Service

**We reserve the right to decline stud service to a bitch for any reason.


**STUD FEE IS REQUIRED TO BE PAID UP FRONT, AT THE TIME OF BREEDING. A bitch will not be serviced until stud fee has been paid.

**A brucellosis test is required for any bitch sent to our property, run within the 2 weeks prior to her arrival.

**Stud service is ONLY available to AKC registered bitches from champion, show-bred lines, owned by breeders who are actively showing their dogs.

**Stud service is ONLY available to bitches who can be sent and returned in a timely fashion., i.e. immediately after breeding has ceased. We are NOT set up to house outside bitches indefinitely and it greatly decreases the chance your female will conceive if she is not returned home expeditiously. Transportation is YOUR responsibility; both to plan, and pay for.

Please e-mail me for a complete copy of our stud contract at if you are interested in potentially using one of our males at stud. Thank you!